Christopher Chagnon
The Ghosts of Presque Isle 
Book two from the Chandlerville Chronicles trilogySpring 2015

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“The Dregs of Presque Isle” is a novel, set in the summer of 1963, about three teenage brothers who are the sons of a funeral director in Chandlerville, Michigan. At an early age their father enlists them to be his ‘body retrievers’ and embalming room ‘assistants’. They begin learning how to cope with the deaths of familiar town residents, friends and family. The three brothers, and four other members of their ‘fort’ get involved in various adventures, hunting with their homemade bows and cattail arrows, fishing on dangerous rivers, but lurking in Chandlerville is the menacing Frenchtown Gang who become their rivals. Led by Bill Pratt, a vicious teenager, the gang pursues and torments the fort members. A summer carnival arrives, and Chris, the youngest brother, falls in love for a day with Toolie, a beautiful fourteen-year old pick pocket carnie. Toolie fleeces him, but Chris gets his revenge. Through a tip from an old-timer the fort members find a trove of dynamite in a shack on the Black River. They ignite a stick during Chandlerville’s 4th of July fireworks, setting part of the town on fire. The fort members are put in jail for their dynamite deed but a quick thinking brother, with the gift of gab, defuses the ‘hangin’ judge’s anger by massaging his giant fisherman’s ego. Booz Danker, a punch-drunk ex fighter and town drunk gives the brothers a lesson in boxing that helps one of them defeat a Frenchtown Gang member. Father Klein is a priest who has violated an altar boy and the mysterious Benny McCain, who seems to witness every dubious act the town tries to keep hidden are some of the story’s other characters. Chandlerville’s ultimate prize is a red shirt that has been hanging for eight years atop the walls of the Ruins, a burned out concrete skeleton of the old Lobdell Steering Wheel Factory. No one has ever been able to retrieve the shirt, and one treasure seeker dies trying. Soon, however, an unlikely hero emerges. Eventually, the Gang and fort members collide in a fierce battle on Main Street.
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